The start of something new….

Well.. I have an idea. SSSHHHHH… it’s TOP SECRET, and I’m going to run with it.. It’s an application that is going to need high availability, high scalability, extremely low maintenance, and mostly automated operations and I’ll work on it in “spare” time.. :O

Where do I start. I want to play with something new, and plan for scalability.  So for various reasons I’m looking at this stack:

RethinkDB – back end data base

MariaDB – Operational work that REALLY needs SQL.

Redis – Caching

GoLang – API, and different processes

React Native – Patiently waiting on the Android port and working on getting a Mac operational so I can play with it.

HAProxy – load balancing the API

Killbill – Billing

NGINX – Webserver

Laravel – some web site work.

Openstack – Back end hosting envirionment.

Vyos – Firewalling, VPN and security.

Still need to think about accounting, operational support etc…

So the new things I haven’t really played with are the RethinkDB, Golang, and React Native. The rest I’ve had experience in.  As I go, I’ll fill in the blanks on reasoning. This will give me a space to air my thoughts, and if anyone is poking around, we’ll see what you think!

Not much, but it is a start…




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